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The main purpose is to replace the classic GBP in the crypto market facilitating the decentralised transaction made by businesess and financial institutions around the world but also to help the emerging markets in the countries that didn't adopt yet the cryptocurrencies because of high volatility.

The purpose of the coin


A community coin sustained by enterprises that can offer liquidity and stability, making possible day to day transactions of everyone without the fear that keeping a cryptocurrency will bankrupt your business or your savings overnight.

Crypto the future

Did you ever ask youself how it is to be to receive your wages in a wallet from which you can spend directly to purchase your groceries, clothes and other day to day expenses but also earn interests, taking part of the network will be rewarding.

Enterprise friendly

Receive payments, pay your taxes and employees, publish your goods or services to B&B and to end consumer, more coins you hold more interest you get, doing business was never more easy, but in a decentralised way, never get your account locked for no reason.

Why GPBS and why it can be everyone coin?

British Pound Coin is a community coin, created in anonymity with only 1 million coins pre-mine in order to setup the network and a total of 66.5 millions to be ever in existence, it is a decentralised coin free to be explored by all the community with no collateral interest from other parties, all the development and promotion of the coin stay on the community power, there is no team involved, the community is the team. Everybody on the network can contribute to the success of the GPBS. It is the perfect investment also for Enterprises who can offer liquidity and adopt it on their payment gateway as the main crypto currency. If you want to support the project development feel free to donate any amount of LTC or BTC to these accounts: LTC donation account: LM3qZd3UKnfbFWfxyUPLjUuNBZuzPqrj1Z BTC donation account: 1PoNdCDc6A4jeA1XfBBamwWSJgtRRq24W1